Creative Leadership Bootcamp

The Creative Leadership Bootcamp run by Armando Regil is a live course aimed to help leaders, unleash their potential by shifting from a fixed/static mindset to a dynamic/growth mindset to transform their inner world, accelerate creative leadership and become their best version to shape and co-create a better future.

Over five live workshop style sessions participants will focus on developing a creative mindset, build systems of self awareness, find their unique voice as a leader and use their intuition as a tool for growth all leading towards enhancing the effectiveness of their teams and organisations.




5x2hr live sessions

Nov 21, 23, 25, 28, 30

14:00 GMT

Learn live with Armando Regil Velasco, CEO i2Co: School of Transformative Leadership

Who is the course for ?

CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Who want to shift their mindset, improve their leadership skills, multiply their impact and become disruptive innovators.

Professional Leaders and Managers

Who want to accelerate their creativity and become change-makers.

Emerging Managers

Employees transitioning to leadership positions building their own leadership styles

Meet your Instructor

Armando Regil Velasco is a vibrant thinker, entrepreneur and community builder with a strong sense of purpose. He is the Founder and CEO of i2Co: School of Transformative Leadership and was recently appointed CEO of Data Disrupt for Systems Transformation, (Co-Founder 2020), two vehicles that contribute to multiply his impact to build better systems of change. He leads two institutions that provide different ecosystems with design tools and technology (artificial intelligence & big data) to successfully achieve their purpose and multiply their impact.

His third book “(RE)invent yourself: The power to (RE)set, (RE)imagine everything and Co-Create” (published in 2021 with the foreword written by professor Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum) is a global call to action that reflects his great commitment to help people reach their maximum potential. Armando has passionately embraced this mission not only in Mexico but around the world designing MasterClasses to accelerate creative leadership and scale innovation in the business community, civil society organizations and governments.

At 23 he founded IPEA-Think Tank and at 27, One million youth for Mexico the largest Mexican youth network that brings together the most talented to transform Mexico into a more free, peaceful and democratic country. He is an international speaker an op-ed columnist in El Pais, Fox News, El Economista, Forbes Mexico and has published three books. He was selected as one of ten potential leaders in Mexico by American Express.

See what people have said about Armando

“Leaders like Armando give me hope not only because he builds successful businesses and organizations but also because he multiplies his impact accelerating other entrepreneurs who are working hard to bring creative solutions to our most complex problems.”

Álvaro Uribe Vélez, President of Colombia 2002 – 2010

“Mr. Regil Velasco has attained a unique mindset for the recognition of business capacities and capabilities and presents himself as an individual with a keen sense of talent and business & policy knowledge. He has transcended borders with his business intellect and is a founder of such phenomenal organizations and companies that reaffirm the quality of Mexican entrepreneurship and leadership that is often lacking in today’s civil society environment and business industry. He is able to immediately recognize talent in people and help accelerate their paths as leaders to create solutions for society, governments, and businesses.”

Joseph Humire, Executive Director, Centre for a Secure Free Society

“Armando Regil Velasco invites us to start a deep and personal journey to (RE)invent ourselves and (RE)imagine everything. Today, leaders find themselves at a historic crossroads, managing short-term pressures against medium and long-term uncertainties. Armando ́s proposal to (RE)frame leadership is a necessary bet. It reminded me the qualities that define good leaders: brains, soul, heart and good nerves.”

Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman World Economic Forum

“Armando is a highly-respected and recognized young man, who has demonstrated extraordinary ability in transformative leadership, entrepreneurship, and strengthening the ties of understanding, friendship, and enterprise between the United States and Mexico. Armando's extraordinary communications skills alone, in explaining the importance of the ties between our two countries in an increasingly hostile and contested world, will make him an ever more valuable and influential interlocutor as our countries work together to address the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.”

Roger Pardo-Maurer, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs from 2001-2006

“Armando possesses extraordinary ability in business and transformative leadership as demonstrated by a long career both in Mexico and abroad. As an international speaker, Armando has participated in global events inspiring audiences from all ages, accelerating creative and transformative leaders and entrepreneurs.”

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi , United Arab Emirates

Key Outcomes

Developing a creative mindset

Achieve personal mastery and become a more purpose-driven leader, a change-maker willing to defy conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo, a more aware, determined and focused leader.

Develop your unique voice as a leader and accelerate your intuition.

No two leaders lead in the same way. Finding your unique voice is pivotal to get buy in from your teams and inspiring them. Develop frameworks to continuously reframe, rethink and reimagine your purpose as a leader.

Build Systems for Self Awareness

Understand the tools at your disposal to build the mental agility needed to transform everyday activities into opportunities to change your mindset, your story and your life. It is an invitation to start a deep and personal journey to discover a practical, enjoyable path to become a creative leader.

Enhancing the effectiveness of your teams

This is the time to embrace uncertainty, chaos and complexity of today's world to co-create innovative solutions and shift your focus from short-term transactions to long-term relationships. It is time to take your leadership skills and personal growth to a higher level and multiply your impact. Join us!

Course Sessions

Session 1 - Age of Disruption = Paradigm shifts = New Mindset to thrive.

  • Disruption is your best ally.
  • The power of vulnerability.
  • Internal world vs. External world.
  • Disconnect to (RE)connect: Unplug challenge.
  • Suppress your ego to become your best version.
  • Mindfulness: Embrace new patterns.
  • Break patterns: Do better.

Session 2 - Mind without limits: Creative Mindset = Creative leadership

  • Start with an explorer mindset.
  • Rewire your brain.
  • Build a new framework.
  • From fixed mindset to growth mindset.
  • Creative mindset: We become what we think – challenge your thoughts.
  • (RE)store: Start to fire up your creativity
  • Strategies to develop a creative mindset.

Session 3 - (RE)frame: Change your mind, change your story, change your life.

  • Unlearn to (RE)learn
  • (RE)frame mistakes as learning opportunities
  • (RE)frame: Overturn conventional wisdom to discover new possibilities.
  • Essentialism: Pursuit of less
  • Manage your energy.
  • The power of resilience.

Session 4 -(RE)think your conversations and make them meaningful.

  • (RE)think your conversations and make them meaningful.
  • Change your conversations: change your life.
  • Why do we need to (RE)invent ourselves?
  • A new leader's mindset 3x1.
  • The 3 Stewardships of Leadership.
  • The power of gratitude

Session 5 - Accelerate your intuition and expand your leadership

  • Expand your leadership voice and accelerate your intuition.
  • Rituals for intuition.
  • The power of NO.
  • Become and intentional leader
  • Ten tools to inspire.
  • Seven shifts to an inspired workplace.
  • Make people around you feel great.

Learn Live with a Cohort

Active Learning not passive watching This course is not about watching pre-recorded content. Each session is curated with hands-on activities and direct interaction with Armando. Learn more by doing.

Accountability and feedback You will progress through the course with peers who are looking to go through a similar transformation to yours. Getting stuck is not an option.

Life long professional network Learning won't stop once the course gets over. Learners will have lifetime access to the course community filled with the best minds to learn from and build with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend all of the sessions live in real-time? You don't, but we strongly recommend you do! We record every workshop and make it available for you to replay, at your convenience. However, live workshops will include live exercises, feedback and interaction that will keep you accountable for getting your publications set up.

How much access will I have to Armando and the community? Apart from the live sessions which Armando will be hosting, learners will get to directly interact with him and the rest of their cohort through a private community set up specifically for this cohort.

Can I expense this course ? It's likely you can, even if your company doesn't have a formal training policy. Send your manager an email using this template - Expense through L&D

If they don't respond, remind them of the benefit and deadline after 3 days. Then, enjoy the course !

Is there homework ? Throughout the cohort, there may be take-home questions that pertain to subsequent sessions. These are optional, but allow you to engage more with the instructor and other cohort members!

Will I receive a certificate upon completion? Yes, each learner will receive a certificate of completion which will be sent at the end of the cohort.

I have more questions, who should I talk to? Simply send an email to the course support team at [email protected], and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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